Living FoodsBody Wellness: Where to Begin?

If you are anything like me, your ears perk up anytime you catch wind of a new scientific study that’s uncovered a surprising truth about something we eat, drink or use. On a great day, we might learn how something we’ve enjoyed for years has hidden health benefits- resveratrol in red wine reduces the risk of heart disease- woohoo! Unfortunately, more often the results aren’t good news: cholesterol in eggs cause heart attacks, chlorine in water can make you sick, vaccines are linked to Autism. Ugh.

A Simple Solution

If it feels a little overwhelming, there's an easy solution. Take small steps and focus on the positive. Substitute healthier food options for the food you normally eat and introduce new healthy foods to your diet. It’s not about restrictions and sacrifice it’s about abundance! The more healthy foods you put on your menu, the less space there will be in your refrigerator- and in your belly- for all the rest.

My FAVORITE Healthy Food Additions

Get your probiotics the natural, old-fashioned way!   Since our gut is responsible for extracting the nutrients from the foods we eat, it is vital to have a digestive system that works well. The probiotics found in fermented and cultured foods are a great way to promote a healthy microbiome and gut, and are easy to incorporate into our diets. And they are easy to make at home (for a fraction of what it costs for the store-bought, processed versions) with a few basic tools and simple ingredients.

Batch Brew Kombucha

kombucha tea

Continuous Brew Kombucha


My Kombucha-Making Tools

teapot for kombucha

Basic Kefir


Kefir Cream Cheese & More

Kefir Cheese with Herbs

My Kefir-Making Tools

kefir tools