Welcome to Blue Quarry

The name Blue Quarry was initially inspired by the stone quarry that borders my home. The once noisy, dusty quarry is now filled with water and has become a peaceful and scenic, blue oasis. It provides a home for a microcosm of underwater creatures and a seasonal respite for many different species of beautiful, graceful birds.

I love knowing how something that started out so invasive, harsh and apathetic with regard to the wildlife that existed there before (if you’ve ever experienced a blast from a working stone quarry you’ll know what I mean) was eventually reclaimed by nature. It feels extremely symbolic to me, and very fitting.

Getting Literal 

BLUE /blo͞o/
adjective: a symbol of wisdom, confidence and intelligence.

QUAR·RY /ˈkwôrē,ˈkwärē/
noun: an abundant source or supply; any object of search or pursuit
verb: to obtain from as if from a quarry

At the heart of it all, my site is intended to be a source of inspiration and information;  Welcome to Blue Quarry!

About Me
My name is Daphne. I’m an engineer-turned-mixed-media artist and teacher. I consider myself a multi-passionate, lifelong learner and a perpetual work-in-progress. I am a little obsessed with mind and body wellness because I feel it is at the very foundation of true happiness. I love all things art and all things science, especially as it relates to ways we can find balance with nature.

As a creative, I have fallen in love with the process of art making. I work in mixed media, which is a fancy way of saying I don’t like limiting myself to just one medium. I love capturing natural beauty with photography, and I relish the freedom and unpredictability that comes from working with materials like water-based paints and encaustic medium. My current favorite art style is expressive watercolor and ink.

While I have worked with many different art mediums and have been an explorer of “food science” practically my whole life, I certainly don’t consider myself an expert in either art or nutrition. The good news is, my greatest talent lies in my ability to take processes that many people would consider daunting, and break them down into easily digestible bites. In my courses, I provide simple, fun projects and share helpful tips and tricks to help you get your hands dirty as you discover the path that works best for you. This is a never-ending journey of discovery and I hope you’ll join me!

Questions or Comments? Email me: daphne@bluequarry.com