zen : a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort

~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary


A few years ago, I set off on a journey of self-discovery; my own personal happiness project. This journey has led me to discover things about myself and about human nature in general, things that have helped me to find my center and my “zen”. My most important realization is that physical and emotional wellness is at the core of human happiness. We must strive to achieve a state of calm and balance within ourselves before we can hope for anything greater. I do realize this is not a revolutionary discovery by any measure, but it is one that I think many of us take for granted- at least I know I did. There are many possible paths to achieve these goals, but this site is dedicated to my favorite zen-inspiring activities: creative exploration for a zen state of mind,  healthy food for body wellness, and journaling as a tool to help me stay focused on both.  Read More...


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Bucket Journal Page Layout, Free Download

A PDF file that includes the layouts for the Bucket Journal setup I used for the journal I demonstrated in my video Bullet Journal Setup for Buckets of Happiness on YouTube.

To get the file click here.

Portrait & Figure Painting with Watercolor, Free Lesson

In this video, I demonstrate how I create this painting using an inspiring photo I found on the Sktchy app as my reference image. As usual with my art, the painting doesn’t go exactly the way I’d planned, but I view every mistake as a learning and teaching opportunity! A fast motion video is available on YouTube, but this video is also available as a fully narrated, real-time art lesson. In it, I explain the issues I encountered and the steps I took to address those issues. If you think watercolor is a difficult and unforgiving medium, this is proof that it really isn’t!

To access my course site click here

To view and download the Tools & Materials list click here.

Create Artful Journals

In this course, I show you how you can merge traditional 2-D art, like drawing and painting, as well as mixed media and encaustic art, with the art of the hand bound book. This course offers the perfect balance of fun-filled, expressive art projects and quietly meditative hand stitching techniques. And even better, your completed journals will not only provide a place for you to reflect, plan, or practice art techniques, they make AMAZING GIFTS.

The full course includes 8 projects, each with narrated videos and printable project guides. Each project covers the art techniques I used to create my cover, as well as the process I followed to create the structure of each book, from the preparation of the fill paper to the decorative bindings, embellishments, and protective finishes. You will be amazed at the way everything comes together in the end, with custom art and design details that ensure each of your books and journals will be a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

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Expressive Art Course

This course is the online version of a live workshop I taught in my studio last year for professional counselors and therapists. It is a sampler-pack course because each of the projects falls into a different category: sketching, painting, sculpture, printing, fiber art, and composite art. The projects have been designed to be low-stress and mindful, encouraging relaxation and stimulating right-brain activity. Best of all, the projects are simple enough even for those who consider themselves "artistically-challenged" and require only inexpensive and often free (recycled) materials.

Expressive Art for Therapy, Professional Version is for counseling professionals, and has been approved by the PA State Board for 6 credits of home study continuing education (see details on course site). 

For more details, go to bluequarry.teachable.com. There you can check out the course content and view the Painted Butterfly video and the Tangled Lines Inspiration Sheet.





FREE Simple Sketch Journal Video- NOW AVAILABLE!

View my Simple Sketch Journal Class for FREE. Simply go to my teachable school, add the class to your cart and enter the coupon code: SJFREE to receive access the video course at no cost.