breatheJust Breathe

It’s easy to recognize the importance of both body and mind on our overall wellness because we all strive to be pain-free and clear-headed. But what isn’t always clear is how our overall health can be affected by factors that are a bit trickier to measure.

Beneath the Surface

Life comes with its share of challenges and setbacks and, over time, the stress we are under can affect our health in a bad way. While it’s impossible to avoid stress altogether, it is possible to develop strategies to help diffuse it.  One of the best ways I have found to bring things back in balance is by doing something that is just for me; my art. That’s the thing that allows me to rest, recharge, and just BREATHE.

Finding What Works For You

Do you feel like you’re in your “happy place” while baking, building model planes, or playing the piano? Regardless of whether or not you’ve mastered the art, if you feel passionate about it and it allows you to express yourself, make time in your life to do it! Then, breathe deep and enjoy.

If Like Me, Art is Your Thing: